Be Adventure

BE exists to improve access to education, globally, through the sale of thoughtfully designed outdoor lifestyle gear that encourages our customers to live a purposeful adventure. We're relaunching BE in 2016! Sign up below to receive the latest news on products and our adventures!

* Product Testing in New Zealand

How we got here

We are climbers and creatives, trail runners and suit wearers. We are surfers, small business owners, servicemen and women. We are...ourselves, and the best damn version of that. BE is a community of individuals who believe that "who we are" and "what we do" is one in the same. Our gear is a byproduct of our lifestyle. With innovative, creative design, we build the highest quality products that work and play with you, wherever you go.

Why we do it

The Pack Story

Since our inception, we have always kept our cause at the center of what we do. Not the other way around. The products that we create are a direct result of our passion providing education to a world that doesn't have resources readily available to make education a no-brainer. We promise to always keep the main thing the main thing. We promise to continually provide quality products for adventure to our friends and the friends we've yet to make. We promise to provide opportunity for change in a world that is constantly changing.